Chesterfield Panthers RUFC is managed by a dedicated committee.

If you wish to contact any members of the committee listed below, please use the Contact Form

Pete Amos - PresidentChris Johnson - ChairmanMike Curley - SecretaryAndy Housley - TreasurerDarren Burton - Junior ChairmanMick Lord - Disciplinary Chairman

Club Information

Welcome to Chesterfield Panthers RUFC.

The Club was established in 1919 and is very much a community club. 

We have 16 teams in total, ensuring we offer playing and training opportunities for players of all abilities and levels from seniors, ladies, juniors and minis aged from just two years old! To find out more about the teams and how to get involved, click on the links below:

In our 95th year we have  invested more than £1.5 million investment in a new ground  at Dunston Road, giving us facilities that are unrivalled by other rugby clubs in Derbyshire, including:

• A purpose-built clubhouse, boasting six changing areas and a fully catered bar

• Match quality floodlighting

• 3 full-size rugby pitches

• 2 Football pitches

• Multi-use games area

• Grass training area for rugby and football training

• Onsite car parking

Our facilities are available to everyone, and there are lots of ways to get involved, regardless of whether rugby is your sport. We offer playing, sponsorship and private hire opportunities. 

For further information about our teams or facilities, please complete the Contact Form and we will be in touch shortly.

Having spilt blood and sweat playing for Chesterfield Rugby in the past, I am thrilled that Chesterfield Panthers have the new ground they have wanted so long. The club’s new facilities will raise the profile of rugby in the local area, improve participation in sport and benefit the wider community. At this exciting time in the Club’s history, I wish the Panthers all the best for the future. 

 Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield


Club History

Chesterfield Panthers RUFC has a long history.

It all started on 15th November 1919 when the following notice appeared in the town's local newspaper, the Derbyshire Times. 

'It has been proposed to make an effort to establish Rugby football in Derbyshire and a meeting will shortly be held in Chesterfield for that purpose. Mr J.T.Todd of Blackwell the old Durham and international player has kindly consented to preside,and it is hoped all enthusiasts of amateur rugby will make an effort to form a committee etc. Mr W.Walton Pitt of the Mill House, Unstone,will be glad to receive the names of all those interested, both past and present players,and headmasters of schools, the latter being specially invited. Every writer's wish will be studied as far as possible, so each one should state the most convenient night in the week for a meeting.' 

Eighteen men of widely varying backgrounds and social standing answered the invitation. And on 29th November 1919, in a smoke filled room at The Portland Hotel, Chesterfield Rugby Football Club was duly founded. The rest, as they say, is history.

S40 Magazine - article on the history of Chesterfield RUFC

The Move

In 2012 Chesterfield Panthers RUFC relocated to a purpose-built new home at 2012 Dunston Road in Dunston.

The move marked the end of an era after 94 years at its former home ground at Stonegravels. The new ground took many years to complete, but it was worth the wait. Dunston Road has facilities that are unrivalled by other rugby clubs in Derbyshire. 

£1.8 million has been invested at the ground, with funding  attracted  from RFU, Sport England, Derbyshire County Council and The Woodland Trust. 

In addition to Chesterfield Panthers men's, ladies and juniors rugby teams, the ground is also used by a number of amateur football teams.

All the sports facilities and club house are available for private hire. Visit the Venue Hire section for further details.


“It's great news to me that Chesterfield Panthers RUFC has moved to their new ground. This has been a long process so it's fantastic for the people that have worked so hard in making it happen and for the people that will benefit from it. Chesterfield is a club very close to my heart as it is where I started my rugby life and so will always have very fond memories. It’s brilliant the club is growing and going new places. I wish all the best for the future for Chesterfield Rugby and that it keeps on moving up!”

Charlie Davies, London Wasps

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Bar Opening Times

Season Opening Times (Until the end of April)

Tuesday:        6-9:30pm
Wednesday:   6-9pm
Thursday:      6-10pm
Saturday:      1-7pm
Sunday:        10-1pm

All times are subject to change with regards to match, member functions and adverse weather.  

We are also now available for functions and corporate events, if you would like more information, please contact the club on :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01246 452627


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