The Move

In 2012 Chesterfield Panthers RUFC relocated to a purpose-built new home at 2012 Dunston Road in Dunston.

The move marked the end of an era after 94 years at its former home ground at Stonegravels. The new ground took many years to complete, but it was worth the wait. Dunston Road has facilities that are unrivalled by other rugby clubs in Derbyshire. 

£1.8 million has been invested at the ground, with funding  attracted  from RFU, Sport England, Derbyshire County Council and The Woodland Trust. 

In addition to Chesterfield Panthers men's, ladies and juniors rugby teams, the ground is also used by a number of amateur football teams.

All the sports facilities and club house are available for private hire. Visit the Venue Hire section for further details.


“It's great news to me that Chesterfield Panthers RUFC has moved to their new ground. This has been a long process so it's fantastic for the people that have worked so hard in making it happen and for the people that will benefit from it. Chesterfield is a club very close to my heart as it is where I started my rugby life and so will always have very fond memories. It’s brilliant the club is growing and going new places. I wish all the best for the future for Chesterfield Rugby and that it keeps on moving up!”

Charlie Davies, London Wasps

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